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Actually, he's thinking bad thoughts about Marianne...




Sean Moore Asks: Hey Vash what's up? Just wanted to tell you I love your out fit and I need to know how to make it. Oh and one last thing my friends at school call me Vash cause we act the same (But you can get the girls and I can't) Oh one more thing, why
Vash The Stampede? Not that there is nothing wrong with it it has a nice ring to it!

Answer: Thank you! *Poses coat* Well, um...just measure the material and cut out a pattern, I guess. Why don't you ask Kakeru? She knows!. What an honor! They name you after ME? *Sparkles* My name really is Vash...Stampede is just a codename, that stays HERE, my fans! question!

Christine Craft Asks: Do you have a girlfriend because if you dont i'll take ya!

Answer: "Nope, not at the moment...but...what the Hell, ya wanna marry me????" *Wolfwood smacks him in the head* "You're an Outlaw, Needle Noggin"..."Next question!"

Fuujin Asks: Hey, I gotta question fer Vash. *looks Vash straight in the eye* Do you know if your sexy bro is seein` anyone? If you are curious, I'm talkin` `bout Knives. ^_^ He's hot

Answer: Uh..., *sweatdrops* I'm not really sure about that to tell the truth...maybe, but take a chance and go for it as Rem would say! *Chuckles* Hey I thought this page was supposed to be about the love of ME! *Sniff, sniff* Okay, I can take a hint. Nah, I'm just kidding...okay next question!
* * * *

Nicky the Tokyo Boy Asks: Yeah I have a question for you. I've been really concerned about it. I'm afraid you've found another Bourbon Buddy, is this true? I'm not your Bourbon Buddy anymore am I? *Sniff, Sniff*

Answer: No of course not, my friend^_^ You'lll always be my Bourbon Buddy! And for those of you playing at home, the secret word is: Wolfwood!
* * * *

Neko Asks: *snicker* Hi Vash... I just wanted to know could you make time in your day for a girlfriend? And do you like Meyrl? and one more thing, can I have your phone number? You can have mine and I just sit hime all day wishing you would call.^_^

Answer: Uh...girlfriend? *Blush* I sure could sweetheart!!! Of course I could do that! *Starts Flexing* I'm Vash the Stampede aren't I? Meyrl?...she's okay, I guess...*scrolls down the letter* Phone number?...Actually I don't have one, I'm a traveler. But If I did I sure as Hell would give it to you...and any of you ladies out there!!! I WANT NUMBERS!!!...uh, next question!
* * * *

Gourrygbrv002 Asks: Hi Vash!, I've been promoting love and peace everywhere I go. So, my question is, what is it about the no killing thing that came up with love and peace?
Thanks so much, Luv ya!

Answer: That's great!!!, right on, Love and Peace! But Rem, my mentor, taught me ways of love and peace as a child, that's were I came up with promoting it. Thanks for helping me out, luv you too-and remember, LOVE AND PEACE!!
* * * *

luvanime4u Asks: Hey Vash! I had something bugging me a while: I love that song you did-Total Slaughter, but is that a real song, or did you make it up? thanks!

Answer: Really? You like that song?-I'm so honored
Actually, I just made that up to scare some men that were threataning to kill someone (It didn't work... *sigh*). But, as you know, I would never do anything like that, so i'm glad you thought it was funny, but don't ever do anything like that!

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